When Jeanie Gruber began catering small gatherings in the 1990s, she had a full-time psychotherapy career, a young family, and no intention of making a career change. Fast forward to the present day: Miss Jeanies Catering and Events Co, the business Gruber began, is entering its third decade as a one-of-a-kind food business. As Gruber recounts through the steps that made her business grow, readers will discover that hard work, creativity, and passion will get them far, and that limited training and funds need not hold them back. Make Food Work is a guide not only to the HOW of food entrepreneurship but the WHY: why turning one’s love of food into a source of income is a worthwhile venture, both personally and professionally. Having gone through this evolution firsthand, Gruber knows that it can be done, and that once you make food work, you’ll never turn back.

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