Miss Jeanies Catering Company does it all. Down to every artful detail. Inspired menus, fabrics, and décor dazzle guests and combine fresh culinary trends with style, warmth and whimsy. For over 20 years, Miss Jeanies has been turning ordinary events into magical, spirited celebrations becoming a conversation piece long after the party’s over.

Always obsessed with new ideas, Miss Jeanie put another into action—The Improv Kitchen located on Adams Street in Newton.

A small space with lots of spirit and a little twist, it offers fresh, unboring food along with an improv menu that takes its cue from a single inspiration each week and turns it into something different each day.

But Jeanie’s passion for food and compassion for people reaches beyond the kitchen and into the community. Cater Prep a culinary program she has spearheaded is designed to help aspiring cooks in various circumstances acquire the knowledge, skills and resources to develop and operate their own catering business.



Jeanie Gruber is the visionary owner of Miss Jeanies Catering Company.

A Louisiana native, she possesses that enviable ability to make anyone feel at ease with her southern warmth and graceful charm. A successful psychotherapist in the early days, Jeanie also loved to entertain. One day when a close friend asked if she’d cater a party, Jeanie answered with a resounding,“Yes!” This love of food, friends and fun soon translated into a successful catering company unlike any other in the Boston area. Twenty years later, this self-taught cook is still turning ordinary events into extraordinary affairs – bringing her wisdom and whimsical style to all her projects.

Today Jeanie divides her time between Miss Jeanies Catering , the Improv Kitchen, and Cater Prep. So when she’s not meeting with clients, cooking up a storm or seeking out new flavors, fabrics, and flowers, this author of MAKING FOOD WORK (2013), mother of two, wife of one, relaxes by planning her next event.





Deb Wyler, “Miss Deb,” is the master of the finishing touch. Head of Design and Décor, her flair for the unique ensures that Miss Jeanies aesthetic is evident throughout the company. From choosing the perfect palette for fabrics to piling fresh flowers in the middle of chocolate dipped fruit, Deb’s artistry is in the details. Deb began planning parties in her childhood and has continued to carry that joy and enthusiasm into her lifelong adolescence. Together, Deb and Jeanie make certain each event is uniquely magical.



Miss Jeanies staff is a blend of many backgrounds. From teachers, to bakers, writers to lawyers, their personal and professional experiences come together to create a talented team. They share a love of food, fun and the commitment to providing exceptional service for every event.